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Resilience Exchange

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Our exchange

For three years in a row, Belgian, Catalan and Sicilian youngsters will participate in an exchange about resilience. Each year the exchange will be organised in a different country. The first year was in Belgium (Lokeren) where the youngsters focused on personal resilience. The second time the project was organised was in Catalonia (Olot). Here the focus was community resilience. The third time will be in 2023 in Italy (Palermo). This last exchange will focus on global resilience and will be a recap of all the gathered knowledge in the other exchanges. 

Garrotxa Jove (Catalonia), Palma Nana Coop (Italy) and Globelink (Belgium)

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Garrotxa Jove


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Palma Nana Coop


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What is resilience?

In order to give you an idea of what resilience is, we share a video that summarizes the concept.

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What does resilience mean to us?

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How to be resilient

- Focus on your mental well-being everyday

- Find the things that make your eyes light up and do more of those things

- Have an open mindset 

- Embrace change

- Look for healthy relationships in which you can openly communicate with the other person

- You will never be 100% ready for new things, sometimes this means you just have to jump and take a leap of faith

- Everyday, do something for your mind, soul and body 

- Know that you won't be happy all of the time, but also know those times, will eventually pass 

- When feeling anxious, focus on your breathing 

- Believe in yourself

- When you're feeling down, smile at yourself in the mirror for a full minute

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